AscellaHealth Provides Specialty & Rare Pipeline Digest™ Recap: Navigating the Path to 2024 Groundbreaking Therapies

BERWYN, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AscellaHealth, a global healthcare and specialty pharmacy solutions organization, today released its latest Specialty & Rare Pipeline Digest™, the industry’s most comprehensive quarterly resource of new, pending and upcoming Specialty and Rare Disease drug launches and cell and gene therapies, biosimilars and generics. Continuing its tradition of providing a quarterly, complimentary, digital source of industry information to support the specialty drug market needs of all stakeholders and decision-makers, AscellaHealth meets the needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers and providers with essential updates on products that may impact millions of individuals living with or affected by rare disease or complex, chronic conditions.

“This timely, thoroughly researched document provides valuable insights and data to fortify our partnerships, assist our clients and support the entire specialty pharmaceutical ecosystem,” says Andy Szczotka, PharmD, chief pharmacy officer, AscellaHealth. “As we closed out 2023 and stepped into 2024, this issue becomes a compass, empowering stakeholders to proactively navigate the evolving landscape. It encapsulates our mission, reflecting our commitment to supporting patients and clients with profound industry expertise, thereby guiding decision-making processes with informed insights.”

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