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AscellaHealth is at the forefront of the Specialty Pharmacy industry and our full spectrum of cutting-edge programs and services benefit all Specialty Pharmacy stakeholders including Patients, Payers, Life Sciences, and Providers.

How We Serve Payers:

AscellaHealth partners with Commercial, Medicare, and Government Payers including health systems, employer unions and third-party administrators and brokers with unique and customized cost savings solutions for managing Specialty spend and improving health outcomes.

Leading Clinical Programs and Specialty Pharmacy & Medical Benefit Management Services:

  • Expert management of specialty claims under the pharmacy and medical benefit
  • Specialty drug utilization and formulary management
  • Manufacturer drug rebate programs
  • Specialty Pharmacy and infusion network with national reach and high-touch patient support capabilities
  • Unique reimbursement and discounting programs for high-cost therapies
  • Robust data and analytics reporting
  • Clinical management programs and patient journey mapping Schedule a meeting with AscellaHealth to learn more about our premier Specialty Pharmacy solutions for Payers

Our unique and customized clinical and technology-based offerings serve to streamline access to specialty medications, increase compliance and clinical outcomes and enhance the overall therapy journey for patients with chronic or complex conditions.

Awards and Accolades

AscellaHealth is proud to be recognized as a leading global specialty pharmacy and healthcare services organization. We have won multiple awards both within and outside of the healthcare industry.

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