Our trusted program combines a  transparent network of specialty pharmacies with Audaire’s state-of-the-art, proprietary technology.

Absolute prescription control through our trusted network of specialty pharmacy partners

The focus of the Hemophilia Management Program is to reduce unnecessary drug costs and provide increased transparency.
Provides treatment reminders assay management and current patient inventory
Ensures appropriate bleed dose shipments to the specific specialty care
Easy-to-use real time data tracking tool
Real time visibility into what is being prescribed vs. what was dispensed per product
Patient adherence programs
Care coordinators across stakeholder partners including specialty pharmacy, HTC, prescriber and patient
Integrated data systems
Refill alerts to accurately address efficacy of treatment regimes
Accurately captures the volume of pharmacy interventions
Immediate interventions for non-compliant patients and improving quality of life
Hospital avoidance management


Our program provides a higher level of patient and pharmacy transparency and accountability. Through utilization management and clinical interventions, our clients realize better-contained costs and predictability.

Contain costs by 12-25% through a more effective and efficient hemophilia program!


Along with our specialty partners, we offer an improved hemophilia management process that is built around a customized specialty pharmacy network. Our program is driven by calculated cost savings, customized clinical management, and innovative technology.


Our technology offers a simple way of combining relevant patient-reported data (infusions and bleeds) with pharmacy dispensation data. And the real-time access platform allows your care team to make quick interventions when needed. This HIPAA-compliant system features the latest encryption technology for optimal data security.

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